Who Is Ecocare

Ecocare is a Kenyan Incorporated company and locally owned. The company offers Engineering Construction and Construction Project management.

Ecocare is dedicated to organizations or Individuals seeking construction services. and energy management services.

We are committed to providing the best possible construction and energy management expertise & service to ensure cost effective and successful projects.

We work closely with our clients to accurately interpret their dreams/visions in drawings and bring them to the desired reality through construction solutions to meet their needs; We communicate with our clients throughout the construction process to keep them i n formed of progress and to ensure that our project keeps on schedule and within budget.

We provide engineering construction services

to Power distribution and transmission companies, Parastatals, oil and pipeline companies, public works agencies, municipalities, and commercial/residential real estate developers.

Our area of expertise includes but is not limited to building technology, civil and structural engineering.

“Our work helps to ensure that our clients’ assets and processes are safe, responsible and sustainable.”

Featured Projects

Delivering quality and performance through a wide range of services.

Energy performance benchmarking & baselining

Ecocare was mandated by the Energy Regulatory Commission to develop multi-sectoral Energy Performance Baselines and Benchmarks and Designation of Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Energy Users in Kenya. These benchmarks were be used in the development of the Energy Management Regulations 2012.

Energy management project for port of mombasa

Ecocare successfully implemented an energy management project though our turn-key energy management program EnergyMaps, achieving savings of up to 30%. Much of the savings were achieved through our high efficiency load-side products.

Feasibility studies and project development

Ecocare has conducted feasibility studies and project development for numerous projects including a revolutionary 40MW floating solar plant in Eastern Kenya and a 5MW Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant at the Coast.

A superb range of cutting edge energy efficiency & security products, solutions & software tools.

Energy management tools
Surveillance systems
Energy saving load-side products
Acess control systems
Renewable energy solutions
Movement & crowd control systems
Energy saving lighting products
Barrier Control Systems