In order to ensure the long-term integrity of infrastructure, there is a need for a method of determining if, when and where structural deterioration is occurring so that engineers can make informed decisions about maintenance or repair requirements.

Monitoring For Buildings & Structures

Ours is a patented innovative monitoring technology that can detect and locate failures in high-tensile steel wire, strand or cable. Whether these materials are used as reinforcement in post-tensioned structures, or as supporting elements in cable-stayed or suspension bridges, they can corrode and fail without any external evidence, leading to potential structural deficiency.

Our system:

• Collects acoustic information from widely distributed sensors;
• Determines the time, location and frequency of failures;

• Monitors entire structures and pinpoints localized problem areas;
• Helps develop accurate maintenance budgets.


Pipeline Inspection

Aging pipelines and high replacement costs are major challenges facing pipeline owners and engineers worldwide. Ecocare’s leading edge technologies for pipeline inspection and assessment address this ongoing need and provide valuable information to maximize the life of these assets. Ecocare provides clients with actionable information to fully understand the condition of their infrastructure for:

• Water Pipelines;

• Oil & Gas Pipelines;

• Sewer Force Mains

Public agencies as well as private owners have discovered the peace of mind that our continuous monitoring can provide. Instead of the uncertainty normally associated with identifying and quantifying hidden structural deterioration, these managers can now plan maintenance strategies that will ensure the long-term integrity of structures in their care.

“Motor Vehicle Safety & Emissions inspection for standards, statutory compliance and insurance.”