Ecocare delivers turnkey energy projects and through its professional project management service that helps clients achieve energy excellence by being empowered. Our team of engineers will ensure smooth implementation and integration of energy projects, leaving clients to focus on their core business. Our services include:

• Assistance with technology selection and screening;

• Tender evaluation;

• Project risk assessment;

• Project management;

• Management and coordination of service providers;

• Configuration, testing and commissioning; and

• Ensuring M&V is in place where appropriate.

We make energy management simple by ensuring that our clients have only one contact that can deliver a holistic solution and our project management services form the base of our value proposition to clients.

Energy Project Management

No – Risk Renewable Energy Supply

Our holistic approach to energy management guarantees energy savings. The optimal use of energy justifies it to be followed by installing renewable energy and reap the associated benefits of:

• Less impact on the bottom line due to fluctuating energy costs;
• Reduced carbon emissions;

• Boosting the public image by showing commitment to the environment

Together with our international partners, we offer a combination of quality, know-how, and extensive renewable energy experience with local energy management expertise. Through this powerful synergy we are able to offer competitively priced, world-leading renewable energy solutions such as Solar PV, Wind, Biomass and Biofuels typically ranging in size between 200kW up to around 2MW directly to our customers.

Zero – Capex Financing of Energy Projects

Ecocare, in association with its partners, offers innovative financial solutions where clients can convert projects from Capex (Capital Expenditure) to Opex (Operational Expenditure). This implies that energy saving projects pay for themselves on a monthly basis.

You get the benefit of a project that starts delivering real savings from the very first month!

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