All organizations face some form of security risk, which can vary from low to high risk that could be from internal and external forces. Failure to recognise and manage these risks could seriously jeopardize even the most successful businesses, leaving them open to attack that could possibly result in a costly interruption to normal business.

Ecocare works with you to design the best solution for your business in terms of level of risk and budget. Using a variety of different security strategies, we can blend the protection of your people, property and profits discreetly and seamlessly with your standard operations.

Among the areas we specialize in are:

• Integrated Building Management Systems;

• Monitoring (CCTV) & Access Control Systems;

• Intruder, Barrier and Crowd Control Systems


Security Risk Assessments & Audits

Assessing and understanding the level of risk and the potential threat to an organisation’s operations is the basis for establishing an effective security policy.

Ecocare carries out a risk assessment on any aspect of your business, be it a site you want to develop for a new development or administration, or even an area of your business you feel is not secure enough.

Our surveys review the physical, procedural, and operational aspects of the current security systems and procedures in place and any security aspect relating to them and to provide recommendations for improving that protection.

Security Systems Design

The security of your people, property and profits is crucial to the ongoing operation of your business. Well designed security systems and procedures are essential for minimizing the risks and ensuring business continuity for a sustainable and profitable business.

“Motor Vehicle Safety & Emissions inspection for standards, statutory compliance and insurance.”